Unit 140 Phrasal Verbs 7 | up (1)

 구(句)동사  7


  • go up / come up / walk up (to . . .) = approach
    • A man came up to me in the street and asked me for money.
    catch up (with somebody) = move faster than somebody in front of you so that you reach them
    • I’m not ready to go yet. You go on and I’ll catch up with you.
    keep up (with somebody) = continue at the same speed or level
    • You’re walking to fast. I can’t keep up (with you).
    • You’re doing well. Keep it up!


  • set up an organization, a company, a business, a system, a Web site, etc. = start it<
    • The government has set up a committee to investigate the problem.
    take up a hobby, a sport, an activity, etc. = start doing it
    • Laura took up photography a few years ago. She takes really good pictures.


  • grow up = become an adult
    • Sara was born in Mexico but grew up in the United States.
    bring up a child =  raise, look after a child
    • Her parents died when she was a child, so she was brought up by her grandparents.

  D     back up

  • back someone up = support someone
    • Will you back me up if I tell the police what happened? (= say I’m telling the truth)
    back up computer files = make a copy
    • You’ve spent a long time on that document; you’d better back up your files.
    back up a car = go backward
    • I couldn’t turn around in the narrow street. I had to back the car up for a block.
    Also traffic can back up (= stop moving)
    • Cars are backed up for a mile at the entrance to the stadium.


  • end up somewhere, end up doing something, etc.
    • There was a fight in the street and three men ended up in the hospital.
      (= that’s what happened to these men in the end)
    • I couldn’t find a hotel and ended up sleeping on a bench at the station.
      (= that’s what happened to me in the end)
    give up = stop trying, give something up = stop doing it
    • Don’t give up. Keep trying!
    • Ted failed his driving test at age 80, so he had to give up driving. (= stop doing it)
    make up something / be made up of something
    • Children under 16 make up half the population of the city.
      (= half the population are children under 16)
    • Air is made up mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. (=  air consists of . . .)
    take up space or time =  use space or time
    • Most of the space in the room was taken up by a large table.
    turn up / show up = arrive, appear
    • We arranged to meet Dave last night, but he didn’t turn up.
    use something up = use all of it so that nothing is left
    • I’m going to make some soup. I want to use up the vegetables I have.

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