Unit 139 Phrasal Verbs 6 | up/down

 구(句)동사  6


  • Compare up / down:
    put something up (on a wall, etc.)
    • I put some pictures up on the wall.
    take something down (from a wall, etc.)
    • I didn’t like the picture, so I took it down.
    pick something up
    • There was a letter on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it.
    put something down
    • I stopped writing and put down my pen.
    stand up
    • Alan stood up and walked out.
    sit down / bend down / lie down
    • I bent down to tie my shoes.
    turn something up
    • I can’t hear the TV. Can you turn it up a little?
    turn something down
    • The oven is too hot. Turn it down to 325 degrees.

  B     Tear down, cut down, etc.

  • tear down a building / cut down a tree / blow something down
    • Some old houses were torn down to make room for the new shopping mall.
    • A:  Why did you cut down the tree in your yard?
      B:  I didn’t. It was blown down in the storm last week.
    burn down = be destroyed by fire
    • They were able to put out the fire before the house burned down.

  C     Down = becoming or having less

  • slow down = go more slowly
    • You’re driving too fast. Slow down.
    calm somebody down = become calmer, make somebody calmer
    • Calm down. There’s no point in getting mad.
    cut down (on something) = eat, drink, or do something less often
    • I’m trying to cut down on coffee. I drink too much of it.

  D     Other verbs + down

  • break down = stop working (for machines, cars)
    • The car broke down and I had to call for help.
    Also discussions, talks, etc. can break down (= fail)
    • Talks between the two groups broke down without a solution being reached.
      (= the talks failed)
    close down = stop doing business
    • There used to be a shop on this street; it closed down a few years ago.
    let somebody down = disappoint somebody because you didn’t do what they hoped
    • You can always rely on Pete. He’ll never let you down.
    turn somebody/something down = refuse an application, an offer, etc.
    • I applied for several jobs, but I was turned down for all of them.
    • Rachel was offered the job, but she decided to turn it down.
    write something down = write something on paper because you may need the information later
    • I can’t remember Tim’s address. I wrote it down, but I can’t find it.

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