Unit 135 Phrasal Verbs 2 | in/out

 구(句)동사  2


Compare in and out:

in = into a room, a building, a car, etc. out = out of a room, building, a car, etc.
 ◻ How did the thieves get in?  ◻ He just stood up and walked out.
 ◻ Here’s a key, so you can let yourself in.  ◻ I had no key, so I was locked out.
 ◻ Sally walked up to the edge of the pool and dived in. (= into the water)  ◻ She swam up and down the pool, and then climbed out.
 ◻ I’ve got a new apartment. I’m moving in on Friday.  ◻ Tim opened the window and looked out.
 ◻ As soon as I got to the airport, I checked in.  ◻ (at a hotel) what time do we have to check out?
In the same way, you can say go in, come in, walk in, break in, etc. In the same way, you can say go out, get out, move out, let somebody out, etc.
Compare in and into: Compare out and out of:
 ◻ I’m moving in next week.  ◻ He walked out.
 ◻ I’m moving into my new apartment on Friday.  ◻ He walked out of the room.

  B     Other verbs + in

drop in = visit somebody for a short time
     ◻ I dropped in to see Chris on my way home.
join in = take part in an activity that is already going on
     ◻ We’re playing a game. Why don’t you join in?
plug in an electrical machine = connect it to the electricity supply
     ◻ The fridge isn’t working because you haven’t plugged it in.
hand in / turn in homework, a report, a resignation, etc. = give something written to a teacher, boss, etc.
     ◻ Your report is due this week. Please hand it in by Friday at 3 p.m.
fit in = feel you belong or are accepted by a group
     ◻ Some children have trouble fitting in at a new school.

  C     Other verbs + out

eat out = eat at a restaurant, not at home
     ◻ There wasn’t anything to eat at home, so we decided to eat out.
drop out of college / school / a course / a race = stop before you have completely finished a course/race, etc.
     ◻ Gary went to college but dropped out after a year.
get out of something that you arranged to do = avoid doing it
     ◻ I promised I’d go to the wedding. I don’t want to go, but I can’t get out of it now.
cut something out (of a newspaper, etc)
     ◻ There was a beautiful picture in the magazine, so I cut it out and kept it.
leave something out = omit it, not include it
     ◻ In the sentence “She said that she was sick,” you can leave out the word “that.”
fill out a form, a questionnaire, etc = write the necessary information on a form
     ◻ I have to fill out this application by the end of the week.

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