Unit 127 Adjective + Preposition 1

 형용사 + 전치사  1

  A     It was nice of you to . . .

  • nice / kind / good / generous / polite / stupid / silly, etc. OF somebody (to do something)
    • Thank you. It was very kind of you to help me.
    • It is stupid of me to go out without a coat in such cold weather.
    but  (be) nice / kind / good / generous / polite / rude / friendly / cruel, etc. TO somebody
    • They have always been very nice to me. (not with me)
    • Why were you so unfriendly to Lucy?

  B     Adjective + about / with / at

  • furious / angry / mad / upset ABOUT something
    • Max is really angry about what his brother said.
    furious / angry
    AT / WITH
    somebody FOR doing something
    • My parents are mad at me for disobeying them.
    • Are you upset with me for being late?
    • Pat’s furious with me for telling her secret. (or furious at me)
    excited / worried / upset / nervous / happy, etc. ABOUT a situation
    • Are you excited about going away next week?
    • Lisa is upset about not being invited to the party.
    delighted / pleased / satisfied / happy / disappointed WITH something you receive, or the result of something
    • I was very pleased with the present you gave me.
    • Were you happy with your exam results?

  C     Adjective + at / by / with

  • surprised / shocked / amazed / astonished AT / BY something
    • Everybody was surprised at (or by) the news.
    • I hope you weren’t shocked by (or at) what I said.
    impressed WITH / BY somebody/something
    • I’m very impressed with (or by) her English. It’s very good.
    fed up / bored WITH something
    • I don’t like my job anymore. I’m fed up with it. / I’m bored with it.

  D     Sorry about / for

  • sorry ABOUT a situation or something that happened
    • I’m sorry about the mess. I’ll clean it up later.
    • We’re all sorry about Julie losing her job.
    sorry FOR / ABOUT something you did
    • Alex is very sorry for what he said. (or sorry about what he said)
    • I’m sorry for shouting at you yesterday. (or sorry about shouting)
    You can also say “I’m sorry I (did something)”:
    • I’m sorry I shouted at you yesterday.
    feel / be sorry FOR somebody who is in a bad situation
    • I feel sorry for Matt. He’s had a lot of bad luck. (not I feel sorry about Matt)

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