Unit 122 In/at/on (Position) 3

  A     At home / in the hospital, etc.

  • at home / at work:
    • I’ll be at work until 5:30, but I’ll be at home all evening.
  • 전치사 at 없이 be/stay home 으로 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • You can stop by anytime. I’ll be home all evening.
  • in the hospital / in prison / in jail:
    • Ann’s mother is in the hospital.
  • at or in school/college: at school/college = (장소·위치) 학교/대학에:
    • Kim is not living at home. She’s away at college.
  • in school/college = 「재학중」:
    • Amy works at a bank, and her brother is in medical school. (= he’s studying medicine)

  B     At a party / at a concert, etc.

  • (행사·일정) …에 참가하다.
    • Were there many people at the party / at the meeting / at the wedding?
    • I saw Steve at a tennis match / at a concert on Saturday.

  C     In and at for buildings

  • in 혹은 at 를 건물에 사용할 수 있습니다. 식사를 in a restaurantat a restaurant 에서 할 수 있고, 물건을 in a supermarketat a supermarket 에서 살 수 있지만, a concert, a movie, a party, a meeting 등의 행사가 일어나는 장소의 “…에(서)”의 경우에는 주로 at 를 사용합니다.
    • We went to a concert at Lincoln Center.
    • The meeting took place at the company’s headquarters in New York.
  • at the station / at the airport:
    • Don’t meet me at the station. I can get a taxi.
  • at one’s house:
    • I was at Sue’s house last night.  or  I was at Sue’s last night.
  • at the doctor’s, at the hairdresser’s 등도 같은 경우입니다.
    in : 건물 자체에 관한 경우에는 in 을 사용합니다.
    • We had dinner at the hotelbut
      All the rooms in the hotel have air conditioning. (not at the hotel)
    • I was at Sue’s (house) last night.  but
      It’s always cold in Sue’s house. The heating doesn’t work very well. (not at Sue’s house)

  D     In and at for towns, etc.

  • in : 도시, 마을, 부락 등에는 in 을 사용합니다.
    • Sam’s parents live in St. Louis. (not at St. Louis)
    • The Louvre is a famous art museum in Paris. (not at Paris)
  • at 혹은 in : 장소를 지점으로 생각하거나 역으로 생각하는 경우.
    • Does this train stop at (or in) Denver? (= at the Denver station)
    • We stopped at (or in) a small town on the way to Denver.

  E     On a bus / in a car, etc.

  • 교통수단의 경우, on a bus / on a train / on a plane / on a ship  이고 in a car / in a taxi 입니다.
    • The bus was very full. There were too many people on it.
    • Mary arrived in a taxi.
  • on a bike (= bicycle) / on a motorcycle / on a horse:
    • Jane passed me on her bike.

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