Unit 121 In/at/on (Position) 2


  • 장소·위치 표현:
    in a line / in a row
    in the sky / in the world
    in an office / in a department
    in bed
    in the country / in the countryside
    in a photograph / in a picture
    in a book / in a (news)paper / in a magazine / in a letter
    • When I go to the movies, I prefer to sit in the front row.
    • I just started working in the sales department.
    • Who is the woman in that photo?
    • Have you seen this picture in today’s paper?
  • in the front / in the back (of a car / building / theater / group of people, etc.):
    • I was in the back (of the car) when we crashed.
    • Let’s sit in the front (of the movie theater).
    • John was standing in the back of the crowd.


  • on the left / on the right     on the left-hand side / right-hand side
    on the ground floor / on the first floor / on the second floor, etc.
    on a map / on a menu / on a list
    on a farm / on a ranch
    • In Britain they drive on the left. (or . . . on the left-hand side)
    • Our apartment is on the second floor of the building.
    • Here’s a shopping list. Don’t buy anything that’s not on the list.
    • Have you ever worked on a farm? It’s a lot like working on a ranch.
  • on a river / on a street / on a road / on the coast 의 위치 표현:
    • Washington, D.C., is on the East Coast of the United States, on the Potomac River.
    • I live on Main Street. My brother lives on Elm. (= on Elm Street)
  • on the way = 도중에:
    • We stopped at a small town on the way to Montreal.
  • on the front / on the back of the letter / a piece of paper / photo, etc. = …의 앞면에 / 뒷면에:
    • I wrote the date on the back of the photo.


  • at the top (of) / at the bottom (of) / at the end (of)
    • Write your name at the top of the page.
    • Jane’s house is at the other end of the street.


  • in the corner of a room
    • The television is in the corner of the room.
  • at the corner or on the corner of a street
    • There is a mailbox at/on the corner of the street.

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