Unit 120 In/at/on (Position) 1

  A     In

  •   in a room
    in a building
    in a box
    in a garden
    in a town/city
    in a country
    in a pool
    in an ocean
    in a river
    • There’s somebody in the room / in the building / in the garden.
    • What do you have in your hand / in your mouth?
    • When we were in Chile, we spent a few days in Santiago.
    • I have a friend who lives in a small village in the mountains.
    • There were some people swimming in the pool / in the ocean / in the river.

 § 장소·위치를 나타내는 in 은 in a room, in a garden 과 같이 공간이나 지역 안에 있는 경우와 in a river 와 같이 전체 또는 부분이 안에 있는 경우 등을 표현합니다.

  B     At

  •     at the bus stop    at the door    at the intersection    at the front desk
    • Do you know that man standing at the bus stop / at the door / at the window?
    • Turn left at the traffic light / at the church / at the intersection.
    • We have to get off the bus at the next stop.
    • When you leave the hotel, please leave your key at the front desk.

 § 장소·위치를 나타내는 at 는 in 보다 좁은 장소를 표현하고 한 지점을 주로 표현합니다.

  C     On

  •     on the ceiling / on the wall / on the door / on the table / on the floor
        on her nose    on a page    on an island
    • I sat on the floor / on the ground / on the grass / on the beach / on a chair.
    • There’s a dirty mark on the wall / on the ceiling / on your nose / on your shirt.
    • Have you seen the notice on the bulletin board / on the door?
    • You’ll find the listings of TV programs on page 7 (of the newspaper).
    • The hotel is on a small island in the middle of the lake.

 § 장소·위치를 나타내는 on 은 on the ceiling 과 같이 접촉을 전제로 하는 …의 표면에 있는 경우입니다.


  • inat 의 비교:
    • There were a lot of people in the store. It was very crowded.
      Go along this road, then turn left at the store.
    • I’ll meet you in the hotel lobby.
      I’ll meet you at the entrance to the hotel.
  • inon 의 비교:
    • There is some water in the bottle.
      There is a label on the bottle.
  • aton 의 비교:
    • There is somebody at the door. Should I go and see who it is?
      There is a sign on the door. It says “Do not disturb.”

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