Unit 118 At/on/in (Time)


  • at, on, in 비교:
    • They arrived at 5:00.
    • They arrived on Friday.
    • They arrived in October. / They arrived in 1968.
  • at : 시간(시각)
        at 5:00    at 11:45    at midnight    at lunchtime    at sunset, etc.
    on : 날짜 혹은 요일
        on Friday / on Fridays    on May 16, 1999    on Christmas Day    on my birthday
    also on the weekend, on weekends
    in : 월·년·계절 등과 같은 긴 기간(시간)
        in October    in 1988    in the 18th century    in the past
        in (the) winter    in the 1990s    in the Middle Ages    in the future


  • at 로 표현하는 시간:
    • at night
    • at Christmas
    • at this time / at the moment
    • at the same time
    • I don’t like going out at night.
    • Do you give each other present at Christmas?
    • Mr. Brown is busy at this time / at the moment.
    • Liz and I arrived at the same time.


  • 다음의 표현을 보겠습니다.
    in the morning(s)
    in the afternoon(s)
    in the evening(s)
    but on Friday morning(s)
    on Sunday morning(s)
    on Monday evening(s), etc.
    • I’ll see you in the morning.
    • Do you work in the evenings?
    • I’ll see you on Friday morning.
    • Do you work on Saturday evenings?


  • last/next/this/every 앞에는 at/on/in 을 사용하지 않습니다.
    • I’ll see you next Friday. (not on next Friday)
    • They got married last March.
  • 구어체에서 요일(Sunday, etc.), 날짜(March 12, etc.) 앞의 on 은 종종 생략합니다.
    • I’ll see you on Fridayor  I’ll see you Friday.
    • She works on Saturday mornings.  or  She works Saturday mornings.
    • They got married on March 12or  They got married March 12.

  E     In a few minutes / in six months, etc.

    • The train will be leaving in a few minutes. (= a few minutes from now)
    • Andy has left town. He’ll be back in a week. (= a week from now)
    • She’ll be here in a moment. (= a moment from now)
  • “in six months’ time,” “in a week’s time” 등의 표현:
    • They’re getting married in six months’ timeor  . . . in six months.
  • in . . . 은 또한 무언가를 하는데 걸리는 시간도 표현합니다.
    • I learned to drive in four weeks. (= It took me four weeks to learn)

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