Unit 112 Unless | As long as | Provided/providing


  • The club is for members only.
    이곳은 회원 전용 클럽입니다.
    You can’t go in unless you are a member.
    회원이 아니면 입장할 수 없습니다.
    You can’t go in except if you are a member.
    You can go in only if you are a member.
    unless = except if = if ... not ~ = …가 아니면, …인 것을 제외하면
  • unless 의 용례:
    • I’ll see you tomorrow unless I have to work late. (= except if I have to work late)
    • There are no buses to the beach. Unless you have a car, it’s difficult to get there. (= except if you have a car)
    • “Should I tell Liz what you happened?”  “Not unless she asks you.” (= only if she asks you)
    • Sally hates to complain. She wouldn’t complain about something unless it was really bad. (= except if it was really bad)
    • We can take a taxi to the restaurant – unless you’d prefer to walk. (= except if you’d prefer to walk)
  • unless 대신에 if . . . not 를 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • Unless we leave now, we’ll be late.  or  If we don’t leave now, we’ll . . .

  B     As long as, etc.

  • as long as or so long as
    provided (that) or providing (that)
    “if” 또는 “on condition that” 의 의미로 사용합니다.
  • …라는 조건하에, …라는 가정하에:
    • You can borrow my car as long as [or so long as] you promise not to drive too fast.
      (= you can borrow my car, but you must promise not to drive too fast – this is a condition.)
    • Traveling by car is convenient provided (that) [or providing (that)] you have somewhere to park.
      (= but only if you have somewhere to park)
    • Providing (that) [or Provided (that)] the room is clean, I don’t care which hotel we stay at.
      (= the room must be clean – otherwise, I don’t care)


  • 미래를 표현하는 경우 unless / as long as / so long as / provided / providing 다음에는 will 을 사용하지 않고 현재형을 사용합니다.¹ (Unit 24A 참조)
    • I’m not going out unless it stops raining. (not unless it will stop)
    • Providing the weather is good, we’re going on a picnic. (not providing the weather will be good)

 § ¹ 시간·조건의 부사절에서는 현재형이 미래를 대신합니다.

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