Unit 105 Superlatives (the longest / the most enjoyable, etc.)



  • 다음의 예를 보겠습니다.
    What is the longest river in the world?
    What is the most enjoyable vacation you’ve ever taken?
    longestmost enjoyable 이 최상급(superlative)입니다.


  • 최상급은 일반적으로 -estmost . . . 의 형태이며 비교급을 만드는 규칙과 같습니다. (Unit 102 참조) 비교급 -er 의 최상급은 -est 이고, more . . . 은 most . . . 입니다.
            long → longest     hot → hottest     easy → easiest     hard → hardest
    but   most famous     most boring     most difficult     most expensive
    불규칙 형용사:
            good → best     bad → worst     far → farthest/furthest
    스펠링은 Appendix 6 참조.


  • the longest / the most famous 등과 같이 최상급 앞에는 the 를 사용합니다.
    • Yesterday was the hottest day of the year.
    • The film was really boring. It was the most boring film I’ve ever seen.
    • She is a really nice person – one of the nicest people I know.
    • Why does he always come to see me at the worst possible time?
  • 최상급과 비교급의 비교:
    • This hotel is the cheapest in town. (최상급)
      This hotel is cheaper than all the others in town. (비교급)
    • He’s the most patient person I’ve ever met.
      He’s much more patient than I am.

 § Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. (최상급)
  - 부정 주어 + as (또는 so) + 원급 + as …
     No (other) mountain in the world is as (또는 so) high as Mt. Everest
  - 부정 주어 + 비교급 + than …
     No (other) mountain in the world is higher than Mt. Everest.
  - 주어 + 비교급 + than any other + 단수 명사
     Mt. Everest is higher than another other mountain in the world.
  - 주어 + 최상급 + of all (the) + 복수 명사
     Mt. Everest is the highest of all (the) mountains in the world.

  D     Oldest and eldest

  • old 의 최상급은 oldest 입니다.
    • That church is the oldest building in the town. (not the eldest)
  • 가족 관계가 있을 경우 eldest (or oldest)를 사용합니다.
    • My eldest son is 13 years old. (or My oldest son)
    • Are you the eldest in your family? (or the oldest)


  • 최상급 다음에 나오는 장소에는 전치사 in 을 사용합니다.
    • What is the longest river in the world? (not of the world)
    • We had a great room. It was one of the best in the hotel. (not of the hotel)
  • 단체나 그룹 (a class / a company, etc.)에도 전치사 in 을 사용합니다.
    • Who is the youngest student in the class? (not of the class)
  • 기간의 경우에는 일반적으로 of 를 사용합니다.
    • What was the happiest day of your life?
    • Yesterday was the hottest day of the year.


  • 최상급 다음에 현재완료형(I have done)을 자주 사용합니다. (Unit 7B 참조)
    • What’s the most important decision you’ve ever had to make?
    • That was the best vacation I’ve taken for a long time.

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