Unit 103 Comparison 2 (much better / any better / better and better / the sooner the better)

 비교  2


  • 비교급 앞에 사용할 수 있는 수식어:
        much    a lot    far (= a lot)    a bit    a little    slightly (= a little)
    • Let’s drive. It’s much cheaper. (or a lot cheaper)
    • “How do you feel?”  “Much better, thanks.”
    • Don’t go by train. It’s a lot more expensive. (or much more expensive)
    • Could you speak a bit more slowly? (or a little more slowly)
    • This bag is slightly heavier than the other one.
    • He illness was far more serious than we thought at first. (or much more serious / a lot more serious)


  • any/no + 비교급 (any longer / no bigger, etc.):
    • I’ve waited long enough. I’m not waiting any longer. (= not even a little longer)
    • We expected their house to be very big, but it’s no bigger than ours.  or
      . . . it isn’t any bigger than ours. (= not even a little bigger)
    • How do you feel? Do you feel any better?
    • This hotel is better than the other one, and it’s no more expensive.

  C     Better and better / more and more, etc

  • 비교급의 반복으로 (better and better, etc.) 계속해서 변하는 것을 표현합니다.
    • Your English is improving. It’s getting better and better.
    • The city is growing fast. It’s getting bigger and better.
    • Cathy got more and more bored in her job. In the end, she quit.
    • These days more and more people are learning English.

  D     The sooner the better

  • the 비교급 (sooner/bigger/more, etc.) the better:
    • “What time should we leave?”  “The sooner the better.” (= as soon as possible)
    • A: What sort of box do you want? A big one?
      B: Yes, the bigger the better. (= as big as possible)
    • When you’re traveling, the less luggage you have the better.
  • The . . . the . . . 로 하나의 사실이 다른 사실에 의존하는 것을 표현합니다.
    • The warmer the weather, the better I feel. (= If the weather is warmer, I feel better.)
    • The sooner we leave, the sooner we will arrive.
    • The younger you are, the easier it is to learn.
    • The more expensive the hotel, the better the service.
    • The more electricity you use, the higher your bill will be.
    • The more I thought about the plan, the less I liked it.

  E     Older and elder

  • olderold 의 비교급:
    • David looks older than he really is.
  • 가족의 경우, elder (또는 older) 를 사용합니다. (my/your, etc.) elder sister/brother/daughter/son 으로 사용합니다.
    • My elder sister is a TV producer. (or My older sister . . .)
  • “my elder sister” 와 같이 명사 앞에서 수식을 하고, someone is elder 처럼 명사 없이 사용하지 않습니다.
    • My sister is older than me. (not elder than me)

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