Unit 102 Comparison 1 (cheaper, more expensive, etc.)

 비교  1


  • 다음의 예를 보겠습니다.
    Should I drive or take the train?
        You should drive. It’s cheaper.
        Don’t take the train. It’s more expensive.
    cheapermore expensive 는 비교급(comparative)입니다.
  • 비교급 다음에는 than 을 사용할 수 있습니다. (Unit 104 참조)
    • It’s cheaper to go by car than by train.
    • Going by train is more expensive than going by car.

 § 위의 비교에서 by car 와 by train, 그리고 going by train 과 going by car 처럼 같은 성질·방법·종류를 비교합니다.


  • 비교급의 형태에는 -ermore . . . 이 있습니다.
    단음절 단어는 -er 이음절 이상의 단어는 more . . .
      cheap → cheaper   fast → faster   more serious   more often
      large → larger   thin → thinner   more expensive   more comfortable
    -y 로 끝나는 이음절의 단어는 -y-ier -ly 로 끝나는 부사의 비교급은 more . . .
      lucky → luckier   early → earlier   more slowly   more seriously
      easy → easier   pretty → prettier   more quietly   more carefully
    스펠링은 Appendix 6 를 참조하십시오.
  • 비교:
    • You’re older than me.
    • You’re more patient than me.
    • The test was pretty easy – easier than I expected.
    • The test was pretty difficult – more difficult than I expected.
    • Can you walk a little faster?
    • Can you walk a little more slowly?
    • I’d like to have a bigger car.
    • I’d like to have a more reliable car.
    • Last night I went to bed earlier than usual.
    • I don’t play tennis much these days. I used to play more often.
  • -er 이나 more . . . 둘 중에서 아무 것이나 사용할 수 있는 2음절의 형용사들이 있습니다.
        clever     narrow     quiet     shallow     simple
    • It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere quieter / more quiet?


  • 불규칙한 비교급:
    • The yard looks better since you cleaned it up.
    • I know him well – probably better than anybody else knows him.
  • bad/badlyworse:
    • “Is your headache better?”  “No, it’s worse.”
    • He did very badly on the exam – worse than expected.
  • farfarther (or further):
    • “It’s a long walk from here to the station – farther than I thought.” (or further than)
  • “더 많은(more), 부가적인(additional)”의 뜻으로 사용하는 further (not farther):
    • Let me know if you hear any further news. (= any more news)

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