Unit 94 Relative Clauses 5: Extra Information Clauses (2)

 관계절  5

  A     Prepositions + whom/which

  • to whom / with whom / about which / without which 등과 같이 관계대명사 whom (사람)과 which (사물) 앞에 전치사를 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • Mr. Carter, to whom I spoke at the meeting, is very interested in our plan.
    • Fortunately we had a map, without which we would have gotten lost.
  • 구어체에서는 전치사를 관계사절의 동사 다음에 주로 사용하고, 사람을 선행사로 하는 경우 who (not whom)를 주로 사용합니다.
    • This is my friend from Canana, who I was telling you about.
    • Yesterday we visited the City Museum, which I’d never been to before.

  B     All of / most of, etc. + whom / which

  • 다음의 예를 보겠습니다.
         Mary has three brothers. All of them are married. (2 문장)
    → Mary has three brothers, all of whom are married. (1 문장)
         They asked me a lot of questions. I couldn’t answer most of them. (2 문장)
    → They asked me a lot of questions, most of which I couldn’t answer. (1 문장)
  • 위와 같은 방법으로:
    none of / neither of / any of / either of
    some of / many of / much of / (a) few of
    both of / half of / each of / one of / two of (etc.)
    + whom(사람)
    + which(사물)
    • Tom tried on three jackets, none of which fit him.
    • Two men, neither of whom I had ever seen before, came into my office.
    • They have three cars, two of which they rarely use.
    • Sue has a lot of friends, many of whom she went to school with.
  • the cause of which / the name of which 등의 형태도 사용합니다.
    • The building was destroyed in a fire, the cause of which was never established.
    • We stayed at a beautiful hotel, the name of which I can’t remember now.

  C     Which (not what)

  • 다음의 예를 보겠습니다.
    Joe got the job. This surprised everybody. (2 문장)
    Joe got the job, which surprised everybody. (1 문장)
  • 위의 예에서 which = the fact that he got the job 이고, 관계대명사 which¹ (not what) 만을 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • Sheila couldn’t meet us, which was a shame. (not what was a shame)
    • The weather was very good, which we hadn’t expected. (not what we hadn’t expected)
  • 관계대명사 what 에 대해서는 Unit 90C91D 참조.

 § ¹ 앞에 나온 문장 전체를 선행사로 하는 관계대명사 which.

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