Unit 92 Relative Clauses 3: whose/whom/where

 관계절  3

  A     Whose

  • 관계절에서 소유격 his/her/their 대신에 사용하는 관계대명사는 whose 입니다.
         we saw some people – their car had broken down.
    → We saw some people whose car had broken down.
  • 소유격 관계대명사 whose 는 주로 사람인 경우에 사용합니다.
    • A widow is a woman whose husband is dead. (her husband is dead)
    • What’s the name of the man whose car you borrowed? (you borrowed his car)
    • I met someone whose brother I went to school with.
      (I went to school with his/her brother)
  • whowhose 의 비교:
    • I met a man who knows you. (he knows you)
    • I met a man whose sister knows you. (his sister knows you)

  B     Whom

  • 관계절에서 who 가 목적어인 경우, 목적격 관계대명사 whom 을 사용할 수 있습니다. (Unit 91B 의 예문)
    • The woman whom I wanted to see was away on vacation. (I wanted to see her)
  • 전치사 다음에는 to whom / from whom / with whom 등과 같이 whom 을 사용합니다.
    • The people with whom I work are very nice. (I work with them)
  • 구어체에서는 whom 보다는 who/that 를 주로 사용하거나 생략을 많이 합니다. (Unit 91 참조)
    • The woman I wanted to see . . .  or  The woman who/that I wanted to see . . .
    • The people I work with . . .  or  The people who/that I work with . . .

  C     Where


  • where 은 장소를 표현하는 관계부사입니다.
         the restaurant – we had dinner there – it was near the airport
    → The restaurant where we had dinner was near the airport.
    • I recently went back to the town where I grew up.
      (or . . . the town I grew up in or  . . . the town that I grew up in)
    • I would like to live in a place where there is plenty of sunshine.

 § 관계부사 where 는 in/at/on 등의 전치사 + which 로 대신 사용할 수 있습니다.
  - I recently went back to the town (that/which) I grew up in.
  - I recently went back to the town in which I grew up.
  - I recently went back to the town where I grew up.


  • the day / the year / the time, etc. + something happens  or  that¹ something happens
    • Do you remember the day (that) we went to the zoo?
    • The last time (that) I saw her, she looked fine.
    • I haven’t seen them since the year (that) they got married.

 § ¹ 관계부사로 사용하는 that, 생략 가능합니다.


  • the reason + something happens  or  that/why² something happens
    • The reason I’m calling you is to ask your advice.
      (or The reason that I’m calling / The reason why I’m calling)

 § ² that / why 는 이유를 표현하는 관계부사이고 생략 가능합니다.

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