Unit 84 No/none/any Nothing/nobody, etc.

  A     No and none

  • no + 명사(noun) 형태. no = not a 또는 not any:
    • We had to walk home because there was no bus. (= there wasn’t a bus)
    • Sue will have no difficulty finding a job. (= Sue won’t have any difficulty . . .)
    • There were no stores open. (= There weren’t any stores open.)
  • no + 명사의 형태는 문두에 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • No reason was given for the change of plan.
  • none 은 명사 없이 사용합니다.
    • “How much money do you have?”  “None.” (= no money)
    • All the tickets have been sold. There are none left. (= no tickets left)
  • none of . . . 의 형태도 사용합니다.
    • This money is all yours. None of it is mine.
  • none of + 복수명사 (none of the students, none of them, etc.)를 주어로 사용하는 경우, 동사는 복수동사를 사용하는 것이 일반적이지만 단수 동사를 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • None of the stores were (or was) open.

  B     Nothing    nobody/no one    nowhere

  • 이러한 부정어들은 문두에 사용할 수도 있고, (질문에 대한 대답으로) 단독으로 사용할 수도 있습니다.
    • Nobody (or No one) came to visit me while I was in the hospital.
    • “What happened?”  “Nothing.
    • “Where are you going?”  “Nowhere. I’m staying here.”
  • 이러한 부정어들은 동사 (특히, behave) 뒤에 나올 수 있습니다.
    • The house is empty. There’s no one living there.
    • We had nothing to eat.
  • nothing/nobody, etc. = not + anything/anybody, etc.:
    • I didn’t say anything. (= I said nothing.)
    • Jane didn’t tell anybody about her plans. (= Jane told nobody . . .)
    • They don’t have anywhere to live. (= They have nowhere to live.)
  • nothing/nobody 등의 부정어는 동사의 부정형 (isn’t, didn’t, etc.)과 함께 사용하지 않습니다.
    • I said nothing. (not I didn’t say nothing)
    • Nobody tells me anything. (not Nobody doesn’t tell me)


  • 부정어(not)를 동반하지 않은 any/anything/anybody 등은 “어떤 것이든(무엇이건, 누구건) 상관이 없는 경우”에 사용합니다. (Unit 83D 참조)
    • There was no bus, so we walked home.
      You can take any bus. They all go downtown. (= it doesn’t matter which)
    • “What do you want to eat?”  “Nothing. I’m not hungry.”
      I’m so hungry, I could eat anything. (= it doesn’t matter what)
    • The exam was extremely difficult. Nobody passed. (= everybody failed)
      The exam was very easy. Anybody could have passed. (= it doesn’t matter who)


  • nobody / no onethey/them/their 의 대명사를 사용합니다. (Unit 83E 참조)
    • Nobody called, did they? (= did he or she)
    • No one did what I ask them to do. (= him or her)
    • Nobody in the class did their homework. (= his or her homework)

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