Unit 83 Some and any


  • 일반적으로 some (somebody/someone/something)은 긍정문에, any (anybody, etc)는 부정문에 사용합니다.
    • We bought some flowers.
    • He’s busy. He’s got some work to do.
    • There’s somebody at the door.
    • I’m hungry. I want something to eat.
    • We didn’t buy any flowers.
    • He’s lazy. He never does any work.
    • There isn’t anybody at the door.
    • I’m not hungry. I don’t want anything to eat.
  • 의미상으로 부정인 문장에서도 any 를 사용합니다.
    • She went out without any money. (she didn’t take any money with her.)
    • He refused to eat anything. (he didn’t eat anything.)
    • Hardly anybody passed the examination. (= almost nobody passed)


  • 의문문에 someany 를 다 사용합니다. 있는 것을 알고 있거나 있을 것이라고 생각되는 사람·사물에 대한 질문은 some 을 사용합니다.
    • Are you waiting for somebody? (I think you are waiting for somebody)
  • 제안하거나 요청하는 경우 some 을 사용합니다.
    • Would you like something to eat? (there is something to eat)
    • Can I have some sugar, please? (there is probably some sugar I can have)
  • 그러나, 대부분의 의문문에 any 를 사용합니다. 사람·사물이 있는지 없는지 모르는 경우입니다.
    • “Do you have any luggage?”  “No, I don’t.”
    • I can’t find my bag. Has anybody seen it?


  • 조건절(if)에 any 를 주로 사용합니다.
    • If there are any letters for me, can you send them on?
    • If anyone has any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.
    • Let me know if you need anything.
  • 의미상으로 조건절(if)의 의미가 있는 경우에도 any 를 사용합니다.
    • I’m sorry for any trouble I’ve caused. (= if I have caused any trouble)
    • Anyone who wants to take the exam should tell me by Friday. (= if there is anyone)


  • 어느 것이나 상관이 없는(= 아무 것이나) 경우 any 를 사용합니다.
    • You can take any bus. They all go downtown. (= it doesn’t matter which bus you take)
    • “Sing a song.”  “Which song should I sing?”  “Any song. I don’t care.” (= it doesn’t matter which song)
    • Come and see me anytime you want.
    • “Let’s go out somewhere.”  “Where should we go?”  “Anywhere. It doesn’t matter.”
    • We left the door unlocked. Anybody could have come in.
  • somethinganything 의 비교:
    • A: I’m hungry. I want something to eat.
      B: What would you like?
      A: I don’t care. Anything. (= something, but it doesn’t matter what)


  • somebody/someone/anybody/anyone 은 단수형입니다.
    • Someone is here to see you.
  • 그러나, 대명사는 they/them/their 로 사용하는 경우가 많습니다.
    • Someone has forgotten their umbrella. (= his or her umbrella)
    • If anybody wants to leave early, they can. (= he or she can)

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