Unit 69 Countable Nouns with a/an and some



  • 가산명사는 단수형과 복수형이 있습니다.
    a dog
    a child
    some children
    the evening
    the evenings
    this party
    these parties
    an umbrella
    two umbrellas
  • 단수형 가산명사 앞에 부정관사(a/an)를 사용합니다.
    • Good-bye! Have a nice evening.
    • Do you need an umbrella?
  • 단수형 가산명사를 관사/소유격(a/the/my, etc.) 없이 단독으로 사용할 수 없습니다.
    • She never wears a hat. (not She never wears hat)
    • Be careful of the dog. (not Be careful of dog)
    • What a beautiful day!
    • I’ve got a headache.


  • 부정관사(a/an)는 사람이나 사물의 성질/특성을 나타냅니다.
    • That’s a nice table.
  • 복수형 가산명사는 단독으로 사용합니다. (not some . . .)
    • Those are nice chairs. (not some nice chairs)
  • 단수와 복수의 비교:
    • A dog is an animal.
    • I’m an opimist.
    • Tim’s father is a doctor.
    • Are you a good driver?
    • Jill is a really nice person.
    • What a pretty dress!
    • Dogs are animals.
    • We’re optimists.
    • Most of my friends are students.
    • Are they good students?
    • Jill’s parents are really nice people.
    • What awful shoes!
  • a long nose / a nice face / blue eyes / small hands 등을 갖고(have) 있다고 표현합니다.
    • Jack has a long nose.
      (not the long nose)
    • Jack has blue eyes.
      (not the blue eyes)
  • 직업을 말할 때, 반드시 부정관사(a/an)를 사용합니다.
    • Sandra is a nurse. (not Sandra is nurse)
    • Would you like to be an English teacher?


  • 복수형 가산명사와 같이 사용하는 some 의 두가지 용법.
    (1) some = a number of / a few of / a pair of:
    • I’ve seen some good movies recently. (not I’ve seen good movies)
    • Some friends of mine are coming to stay this weekend.
    • I need some new sunglasses. (= a new pair of sunglasses)
  • 일반적인 것을 나타내는 경우 some 을 사용하지 않습니다. (Unit 73 참조)
    • I love bananas. (not some bananas)
    • My aunt is a writer. She writes books. (not some books)
  • some 의 사용에 관계없이 같은 의미인 경우도 있습니다.
    • There are (some) eggs in the refrigerator if you’re hungry.
  • (2) some = 전체가 아닌 부분을 나타내는 경우:
    • Some children learn very quickly. (all children 이 아니고 몇몇 혹은 일부)
    • Tomorrow there will be rain in some places, but most of the country will be dry.

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