Unit 61 Expression + -ing


  동명사의 관용적 표현

  • 다음은 동사의 -ing 형태를 사용하는 관용 표현입니다.
    There is no point in . . . = …해도 소용이 없다.
    • There is no point in having a car if you never use it.
    • There was no point in waiting any longer, so we left.
    그러나, “the point of doing something” 의 형태로도 자주 사용합니다.
    • What’s the point of having a car if you never use it?
    There’s no use / It’s no use . . . = …해도 소용이 없다.
    • There’s nothing you can do about the situation, so there’s no use worrying about it.
      or  . . . it’s no use worrying about it.
    It’s (not) worth . . . = …할 가치가 있다(없다).
    • I live only a short walk from here, so it’s not worth taking a taxi.
    • Our flight was very early in the morning, so it wasn’t worth going to bed.
    “a movie is worth seeing,” “a book is worth reading” 등으로도 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • What was the movie like? Was it worth seeing?
    • Thieves broke into the house but didn’t take anything. There was nothing worth stealing.

  B     Have trouble -ing, have difficulty -ing, have a problem -ing

  • have trouble doing something (not to do) = …하는데 어려움을 겪다.
    • I had no trouble finding a place to live. (not trouble to find)
    • Did you have any trouble getting a visa?
    • People often have a lot of trouble reading my writing.
    have difficulty / a problem doing something = …하는데 문제[어려움]를(을) 겪다.
    • I had difficulty finding a place to live.  or
      I had a problem finding a place to live.


  • spend/waste (time) -ing = …하는데(하느라) (시간을) 보내다/낭비하다.
    • He spent hours trying to repair the clock.
    • I waste a lot of time daydreaming.
    (be) busy -ing = …하느라 바쁘다.
    • She said she couldn’t go with us. She was too busy doing other things.

  D     Go swimming / go fishing, etc.

  • go -ing = …하러 가다. 특히 운동을 하러 간다는 표현에 많이 사용하고, 어떤 활동을 하러 간다는 표현입니다.
        go swimming    go sailing    go fishing    go hiking    go skiing    go jogging
    그리고, go shopping    go sightseeing 등이 있습니다.
    • How often do you go swimming?
    • I’d like to go skiing.
    • When was the last time you went shopping?
    • I’ve never gone sailing.

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