Unit 13 For and since | When . . . ? and How long . . . ?


  • forsince 는 얼마나 오래 동작·행동이 일어나고 있는지 표현합니다.
    for + 기간 (two hours, six weeks, etc.):
    • I’ve been waiting for two hours.
      for two hours = 두시간 전부터 지금까지
    since + 시점(始點) (8:00, Monday, 1999, etc.):
    • I’ve been waiting since 8:00.
      since 8:00 = 8시부터 지금까지
    for since
    two hours
    20 minutes
    five days
    a long time
    six months
    50 years
    a week
    May 12
    we arrived
    • Kelly has been working here for six months. (not since six months)
    • I haven’t seen Tom for three days.
    • Kelly has been working here since April. (= from April until now)
    • I haven’t seen Tom since Monday.
  • 긍정문에서는 for 의 생략이 가능하지만, 부정문에서는 생략할 수 없습니다.
    • They’ve been married (for) 10 years. (생략 가능)
    • They haven’t had a vacation for 10 years. (생략 불가)
  • all 로 표현하는 기간에는 for 을 사용하지 않습니다. (all day / all my life, etc.)
    • I’ve lived here all my life. (not for all my life)
  • 부정문에서는 for 대신에 in 을 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • They haven’t had a vacation in 10 years.


  • When . . . ? (단순과거형 사용)과, How long . . . ? (현재완료(진행)형 사용)의 비교:
    A: When did it start raining?
    B: It started raining an hour ago / at 1:00.
    A: How long has it been raining?
    B: It’s been raining for an hour / since 1:00.
    A: When did Joe and Carol first meet?
    B: They first met a long time ago / when they were in high school.
    A: How long have they known each other?
    B: They’ve known each other for a long time / since they were in high school.


  • It’s (= It has) been a long time / two years, etc., since something happened”:
    • It’s been two years since I saw Joe. (= I haven’t seen Joe for two years.)
    • It’s been ages since we went to the movies. (= We haven’t gone to the movies for ages.)
  • 위 예문의 의문문은 “How long has it been since . . . ?” 의 형태입니다.
    • How long has it been since you saw Joe? (= When did you last see Joe?)
    • How long has it been since Mrs. Hill died? (= When did Mrs. Hill die?)

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