Unit 63 Do so; such

  Do so


  • 문맥의 흐름으로 봐서 내용이 확실한 경우, 동사구 또는 동사절을 반복하는 대신에 does so, did so, doing so 등의 do so 형태를 사용합니다.
    • She won the competition in 1997 and seems likely to do so (= win the competition) again this year.
    • Dr Watson said, ‘Sit down.’ Katia did so (= sat down), and started to talk about her problems.
    • The climbers will try again today to reach the summit of the mountain. Their chances of doing so (= reaching the summit of the mountain) are better than they were last week. (확실하게 격식을 갖춘 영어에서는 so doing 을 사용할 수 있습니다.)
    • When he was asked to check the figures, he claimed tat he had already done so. (= checked the figures)
  • do so 는 격식을 갖춘 구어체와 문어체에 주로 사용합니다. 격식을 갖추지 않은 영어에서는 do it 또는 do that 를 대신 사용합니다.
    • Mrs Blackwell waved as she walked past. She does so/it/that every morning.
    • Ricardo told me to put in a new battery. I did so/it/that, but the radio still doesn&rsquuo;t work.
  • 격식을 갖추지 않은 영어에서 do so 대신에 do 만을 사용하기도 합니다. 특히 조동사의 다음이나 완료시제에서 그렇게 사용합니다. (Section B 참조)
    • ‘Will this programme work on your computer?’ ‘It should do.’
    • I told you that I’d finish the work by today, and I have done. (‘have’ 에 강세를 줍니다)


  • 동작·행위를 나타내는 동사 대신에 do so 를 사용할 수 있습니다. 상태를 나타내거나 습관적인 동작·행위인 경우에는 사용하지 않습니다. 비교:
    • 65% of the members voted for Ken Brown this time, whereas 84% did so last year.
    • Kenyon confessed to the murder, although he only did so after a number of witnesses had identified him as the killer.
    • I gave her the medicine, and I take full responsibility for doing so. and
    • Stefan doesn’t like Porter’s films but Bridget does.
    • He earned a lot more than I did.
    • I don’t have time to go swimming every day, but I usually do.

  C     Such

  • 전에 언급한 것을 ‘of this/that kind’ (이러한 / 이런 종류의, 그러한 /그런 종류의) 의 의미로 such + (a/an) + noun 구조를 사용합니다. 명사가 불가산명사이거나 복수인 경우 such + noun 구조를 사용하고 such + a/an + noun 구조를 단수 가산명사에 사용합니다. 이렇게 사용하는 such 는 주로 격식을 갖춘 구어체와 문어체에서 볼 수 있습니다.
    • The students refer to teachers by their first names and will often criticise them for badly-prepared lessons. Such behaviour is unacceptable in most schools. (more informally Behaviour like this…)
    • When asked about rumours that the company is preparing to lose more than 200 jobs, a spokeswoman said: ‘I know of no such plans.’ (more informally …no plans of this kind.)
    • They needed someone who was both an excellent administrator and manager. Such a person was not easy to find. (more informally A person like this…)
    • We allow both men and women to have time off work to bring up children. We were the first department to introduce such a scheme. (more informally …a scheme like this.)

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